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Sam’s cheerleaders Teo and Yun on Dream Team II Ep. 231

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Teo in Lima

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#D E A D

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the not so innocent boy


-SEWOL Chief Clerk Yang’s last phone conversation with his wife

-a 71 years old women survive bcoz a stranger dont give up on her

-Kim Ki-woong & Cheong Hyun-sun, who’re victims of Sewol incident are couple to marry soon

-R.I.P Choi Hye Jung… a teacher that sacrificed herself to save her student and was well known for being bright and very caring…

-RIPJungChawoong the real hero

-some parents cant wait any longer and jump to sea to search for their children

more update:

  • clock is ticking but the total number for dead body or rescue victim is still not moving. 
  • more brave soul and heroic story reveal as rescuer cont racing against time
  • Apparently the two divers that breached the hull and got to the second floor were civilian volunteers
  • Divers have reached the third floor of the SEWOL src: YTN
  • earlier report that said there may be over 80 students trapped in the third floor
  • Divers have managed reach the door of the third floor, possibly 80+ awaiting rescue inside. To attempt entry by 2300 KST 11 civilian divers are going down to support.
  • the underwater current is 10kmh, enough to rip off diving gear off their faces. 
  • accroding to report the maximum hour for victim to still alive is 72 hours.
  • Examination of deceased found today shows only recent death. Hopes that survivors found in airpockets rise
  • one of teacher that survive is report to commit suicide today.

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How to not stan kris wu…

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raken appreciation post ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

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do not edit/remove logo (crescendo)

do not edit/remove logo (crescendo)